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The Versys V.SPAR.2 is the first freestanding grappling dummy designed exclusively for youth. Its innovative three-leg structure and two grappling arms provide a realistic approach to every takedown, throw, sweep, hold, and lock imaginable, without the risk of injuring a partner. Recommended for BJJ, MMA, judo, wrestling and grappling disciplines.
Dimensions 45.5" Tall (legs together) or 44.2" (legs apart - during use) Approx. 15 lbs. Benefits and Features Beginning and advanced youth athletes alike can practice throws, hip tosses, takedowns, leg sweeps, ankle picks and more without risking injury to a partner Soft, high-density inner foam combined with flexible legs and arms make it a perfect tool for conditioning and training Three-leg design stands upright and naturally rebounds to original position Pre-filled bag requires no additional sand or water and easily moves and stores after training

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