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Fusion Fight Gear presents the first release in our line of officially licensed Capcom Street Fighter BJJ gis; the Ryu Hadoken gi! Ryu first appeared in the original Street Fighter game WAYYYY back in 1987, and has been laying down the beats ever since then. The upper arms feature a woven patch of Ryu throwing his signature “hadoken” surging punch fireball.

Gi's Sizes

The embroidered patch on the front of the skirt is the iconic command used to throw the hadoken; down-quarter circle forward- punch! Suck on this, Ken! The embroidered kanji patch on the pant leg means Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain (the battle standard of the historical Japanese military leader Takeda Shingen), and can be seen on Ryu’s karate black belt. A thick, black-corded drawstring holds the pants up, so all you have to focus on is Jits. Reinforced red belt loops keep everything nicely in place. Cool embroidered monochrome Street Fighter logo on the lower skirt tells everyone that you’re a little bit bad-ass. Red contrast stitching and upper neck lining are used throughout the gi to symbolized Ryu’s iconic red headband. The jacket is made of 550 GSM Japanese weave cotton; this gi is built to last, and to defeat even the toughest of opponents like M Bison. Comes with a collectible Ryu Hadoken gi bag.

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